Clients often look at the cost associated with using armed vs. unarmed security officers. It is true that with many security agencies, the cost of providing armed officers can increase the client billable hour by 50% to 100% or more.

This is absurd, Metro Security & Public Safety maintains lower overhead cost than most agencies, with the vast majority of our client’s money going directly to our security officer’s wages; meaning Metro Security & Public Safety is very competitive in the security industry and we believe our security officers are our best assets.

Again, our armed and unarmed security services are billed at the same rate. Which means, there is no reason our clients can not receive quality armed security services at a very affordable price.

  1. What is the benefit of using contracted security services?

The most important benefit is that most contractors are very knowledgeable in their field. For security, this is extremely important because of the need for extensive training and the high level of liability involved.

Another big benefit is simple convenience to the customer. Independent contractors provide the liability insurance, workers’ compensation, personnel, pay employee wages, taxes, unemployment benefits, social security/medicare taxes, and ensure that all licensing requirements are met. Contractors usually supply all the required equipment such as uniforms, badges, identification, flashlights, two-way radios, etc.

  1. What is different about your company than other security companies?

Only individuals with a professional back ground are hired at Metro Security & Public Safety. We hire Retired or current law enforcement officers, criminal justice students or alumni, current or former U.S. Military professionals. These are just a few of the criteria used when selecting people for employment. We strive only to select the best employees to work for you.

When you select Metro Security & Public Safety you are hiring a local company. Not a National Company with a local office. All of your business stays local to support our local economy.

  1. What are the benefits of hiring your company versus any other security company?

We are a local company with local focus and dedication to providing the best possible service to our customers. We are leading the security and protective services markets we serve. We strive to achieve client satisfaction.

We only hire the best. Our Officers are well trained, professionally uniformed, and well equipped. We stand above the rest and our officers strive to be number one at customer service.

  1. Is your company licensed and insured?

Absolutely, Wisconsin regulations require us to carry a minimum of $100,000 general liability insurance. However, we carry well above this minimum. We also carry appropriate workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance. Proof of coverage is provided to all clients. Clients have the option of being listed as a named or additional insured on our policy.

Our industry licenses are issued from the Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing as a Private Detective Agency.

  1. How do I know if the security company I hired is licensed and insured?

It is very easy to check and see if a private security company is licensed and insured. First visit and click on the tab marked “look up license holders”. In the drop down box put in “Private Detective Agency”, then type the name of the agency. You can also ask the company for their license number.

A Private Detective Agency is required to have insurance in order to practice in the State of Wisconsin. As stated above the minimum is $100,000.

  1. Can you provide armed officers?

Absolutely, we have several security officers that are properly licensed to carry firearms. These officers are licensed to carry their authorized firearm anywhere in Wisconsin while on duty.

This license is a special license for the private security industry and requires 36 hours of classroom, hands-on and firing range training.

The Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing has adopted a 36 hour training course that is a Wisconsin Law Enforcement Standards Board (LESB) approved course. In other words, Armed Private Security Officers are trained to the same standards, and use the same curriculum as Wisconsin Law Enforcement Officers.

In addition, the officer must re-qualify (show proficiency) with their weapon annually as a requirement of maintaining their license. The officer may only use the same type of firearm as he or she is trained and qualified to carry.

  1. I don’t think I need armed officers. Why should I consider using armed services for my security solution?

Most clients are hesitant about using armed services is image. Sometimes, clients assume that having an armed officer would diminish their image or project the idea that their property is not safe without an armed officer, but this is not true. Many of our clients that use armed services report positive feedback from their employees, residents and guests. Many say that they feel safer with an armed officer present, but you can guarantee that anyone planning on committing a crime on your property is taking note of whether the security officer is armed or not.

In addition, it is important to note that we care about our officers’ safety. Statistics show that in most cases when a security officer is attacked or killed, the officer was unarmed.

  1. Why choose Metro Security & Public Safety versus hiring an off-duty police officer or county deputy sheriff?

Metro Security & Public Safety Officers have a great advantage over off-duty officers. We work for you and do what you need. We have your business in mind. We carry our own workman’s compensation insurance, liability insurance, and automobile insurance. When you hire off-duty officers from your local law enforcement agency, YOU are liable for any workman’s compensation or liability claims due to the actions of the officer you are employing. Working for you is our primary job, not a sideline.

Also, Metro Security & Public Safety is interested in your business. We work with you and strive to give you a return on your investment with peace of mind, lowered “shrink”, decreased insurance costs, and input on preventative measures and steps to continue to lower your bottom line.

If however, you have a valid need for an off duty law enforcement officer, contact us as we have off duty officers that are licensed private detectives and can be contracted through our agency.

  1. Do you offer alternatives to foot patrol?

Yes. We can offer a motor vehicle patrol (using an unmarked vehicle or a marked security vehicle). We can also have our officers use a golf cart or bicycle to patrol. If we supply the vehicle, it will add to your hourly base rate.

  1. How are rates determined?

Rates can be complex and are determined by several factors such as:

  • Site Location
  • Total number of hours per billing cycle
  • Whether you need unarmed or armed officers
  • Whether you need us to provide a patrol vehicle
  • Type of patrol vehicle provided (golf cart, motor vehicle, bike, etc.)
  • Whether the assignment is temporary or permanent
  • Complexity of duties


* Please call us for an exact price quote or a price or schedule that will fit into your budget.